Back Issues

vol. 14, no. 1

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford
pp. 3-4 (PDF)

2. Deemed unsuitable for children: The editing of Oodgeroo's 'Stradbroke dreamtime' Jennifer Jones
pp.5-14 (PDF)

3. What is a South African folktale?: Reshaping traditional tales through translation and adaptation
Judith Inggs
pp. 15-23 (PDF)

4. Picture books, mimesis and the competing aesthetics of Kinesis and stasis
John Stephens
pp. 24-33 (PDF)

5. Fragile selves: Constructing identity in novels by Margaret Clark, Nette Hilton and Isobel Carmody
Richard Rossiter
pp. 34-39 (PDF)

6. Re-membering the self: psychoanalytic theory and subjectivity in adolescent fiction Cathy Sly
pp. 40-48 (PDF)

7. The realistic turn: Trends in recent Australian young adult fiction
Wendy Michaels
pp. 49-59 (PDF)

8. Youth cultures: Texts, images and identities [Book Review]
Kimberley Reynolds
pp. 60-62 (PDF)

9. News and Notices
pp. 63 (PDF)

vol. 14, no. 2

1. Editorial
Kerry Mallan and Wendy Morgan
pp.3-4 (PDF)

2. Potterliteracy: Cross-media Narratives, Cultures and Grammars
Andrew Burn
pp. 5-17 (PDF)

3. Reading outside the Book
Margaret Mackey
pp.18- 27 (PDF)

4. Remember Not to Die: Young Girls and Video Games
Valerie Walkerdine
pp. 28-37 (PDF)

5. (W)reading, Wrangling and the Rhythm of the Text: Enhancing the Education of Young Boys with Game-based Learning
Kath Blashki
pp. 38-43 (PDF)

6. 'Nothing Dirty about Turning on a Machine': Loving Your Mechanoid in Contemporary Manga
John Stephens and Mio Bryce
pp. 44-54 (PDF)

7. Simplification: The Sims and Utopianism
Ann McGuire
pp. 55-64 (PDF)

8. Learning Just for the Fun of It: The Case for Video Games [Book Review]
Cal Durrant
pp. 65-69 (PDF)

9. Proliferating Subjectivities and the New Media
Ray Misson
pp. 70-72 (PDF)