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vol. 13, no. 1

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford
p. 3 (PDF)

2. Ethel Turner and the 'voices of dissent': Masculinity and fatherhood in The cub and Captain cub
Claudia Nelson
pp. 4-10 (PDF)

3. Shakespeare as national discourse in contemporary children's literature
Erica Hateley
pp. 11-24 (PDF)

4. Playfulness in children's picture books about bedtime: Ambivalence and subversion in the bedtime story
Kathlyn Griffith and Jane Torr
pp. 25-32 (PDF)

5. Home away from home: The place of home in Stephen Herrick's verse novel, A simple gift
Wendy Michaels
pp. 33-42 (PDF)

6. News & Notices
pp. 43-44 (PDF)


vol. 13, no. 2

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford

2. Ozzie Kids Flee the Garden of Delight: Reconfigurations of Childhood in Australian Children's Fictions
Beverley Pennell
pp. 5-14 (PDF)

3. Neo-Confucianism in Chinese children's books
Xiangshu Fang
pp. 15-26 (PDF)

4. 'Camphor Laurel': A Re-vision of Desire
Kate McInally
pp. 27-36 (PDF)

5. The Uses of Irony and the Carnivalesque in Leigh Hobbs' Picture Books
Nicole Humphrey
pp. 37-41 (PDF)

6. News and Notices
p. 42 (PDF)

vol. 13, no. 3

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford
pp. 3-4 (PDF)

2. Hairy on the Inside: From Cannibals to Paedophiles
Carolyn Daniel
pp. 5-21 (PDF)

3. Romantic Love in Norwegian Children's Literature: Tormod Haugen's 'The Georg and Gloria' Trilogy
Svein Slettan
pp. 22-31 (PDF)

4. Imagining Indigenality in Romance and Fantasy Fiction for Children
Brooke Collins-Gearing
pp. 32-42 (PDF)

5. Smashing Birds in the Wilderness: British Racial and Cultural Integration from Insider and Outsider Perspectives
Karen Sands-O'Connor
pp. 43-50 (PDF)

6. News and Notices
p. 51 (PDF)