Research Ethics

Our values

Papers: Explorations into Children’s Literature is committed to quality research and investigation. The editorial board follows the code of conduct established by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), available at

Papers is similarly committed to ethical practice in all aspects of its research and dissemination, adhering to the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, available at

The journal thereby assists in maintaining a climate in which ethics and responsible research are encouraged and indeed expected, maintaining both quality of research publication and the integrity of the process.

Papers’ editorial process is based on expert (double blind) peer review, and discussion and agreement between editors, never on individual editorial whim. There is a mentoring process for all new editors and reviewers. Records are maintained of all submissions, referee reports and communications with individual authors, with confidentiality fully ensured.

In the event of any concerns regarding items received, published, or the processes involved, Papers editors operate a professional system of response as follows:

  1. If the editors have any concerns about the quality of a manuscript, its ethics or its authorship, they will contact the author and discuss their concerns, consider the author’s responses, and then inform the author of the outcome of the process.
  2. If a reviewer — or, following publication a reader — raises a concern about the ethics or authorship of a manuscript, the editors will first review the submission themselves and then, if they consider there is merit in the reviewer’s or reader’s concern, contact the corresponding author to discuss the concerns, consider the author’s responses, and then inform both author and reviewer/reader of the outcome of the process.
  3. If an author raises a concern about how their work has been presented in the journal, the editors will review the situation, remedy it if there is evidence of poor publication process, and inform the author of the outcome of the process.

Further details about the submission, review and publication process are available on the ‘Submission Guidelines’ page

Open access

Papers: Explorations into Children’s Literature permits open access to its content in order to enhance research, the dissemination of knowledge and the free exchange of ideas.