Volume 25.1 (2017)

Volume 26.1 (2018)
  1. Foreword
    Anthony Eaton
    pp. i-iv [PDF]
  2. ‘Sorry, I Don’t Speak Bear” Voice, Agency, and the Mother-Daughter Relationship in Disney-Pixar’s Brave
    Tharini Viswanath
    pp. 1-22 [PDF]
  3. From the Personal to the Political, Religious, and a Vision of Socialism in Maurice Gee’s Orchard Street, a New Zealand Novel for Children
    Vivien van Rij
    pp. 23-50 [PDF]
  4. Dead Funny? The Ideological Use of Humour and Comedy in Saci Lloyd’s The Carbon Diaries 2015 and 2017
    Alyson Millar, Rebecca Hutton, Elizabeth Braithwaite
    pp. 51-72 [PDF]
  5. ‘try-error-try-it’: Love, Loss, and the Subversion (?) of the Heteronormative Romance Story in Will Grayson, Will Grayson
    Dion McLeod
    pp. 73-94 [PDF]

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