Volume 24.1 (2016)

  1. Rules and Rhizomes: A Mary Poppins Sampler
    Margaret Mackey
    pp. 1-29 [PDF]
  2. Promoting Environmentalism across Media: The Child Figures of The Lorax
    Lichung Yang
    pp.30-53 [PDF]
  3. Haunted by Humans: Inverting the Reality of the Holocaust in Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief
    Aliona Yarova
    pp. 54-81 [PDF]
  4. A Narrative Experiment: From the Revived Oral Tradition in Haroun and The Sea of Stories to Staccato Gaming in Luka and The Fire of Life
    Yiyin Laurie Lee
    pp. 82-100 [PDF]
  5. Ubby’s Underdogs: A Transformative Vision of Australian Community
    Clare Bradford, Catherine Sly and Xu Daozhi
    pp. 101-131 [PDF]