Volume 24.2 (2016)

Special issue: Charity and Children’s Literature
Edited by Kristine Moruzi 

1. Charity and Children’s Literature
Kristine Moruzi
pp. 1-4 [PDF]
2. ‘Give, give; be always giving’: Children, Charity and China, 1890-1939
Shih-Wen Sue Chen
pp. 5-32 [PDF]
3. ‘I am sorry it is not more, but it is all I could earn’: Presbyterian Children, Christmas
and Charity in Colonial New Zealand, c.1909-1945
Hugh Morrison
pp. 33-73 [PDF]
4. The Charity of Witches: Watching the Edges in Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching
Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario
pp. 74-95 [PDF]

5.Ready Made for the Market: Producing Charitable Subjects in Dystopian and Voluntourist Young Adult Novels
Heather Snell
pp. 96-126 [PDF]