Volume 15.2 (2005)

1. Editorial
Ann McGuire
pp. 3-5 (PDF)
2. New Social Orders: Reconceptualising Family and Community in Utopian Fiction
Kerry Mallan, Clare Bradford, and John Stephens
pp. 6-21 (PDF)
2. Education, State and Agency in Dystopian Children’s Texts
Margaret Aitken, Clare Bradford, and Geraldine Massey
pp. 22-30 (PDF)
3. Allan Baillie’s ‘Secrets of Walden Rising’ as Critical Dystopia: Problematising National Mythologies
Beverley Pennell
pp. 31-39 (PDF)
4. ‘Belonging’ in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction: New Communities Created by Children Patricia Kennon
pp. 40-49 (PDF)
5. ‘When I Was a Child I Thought As a Child ‘: The Importance of Memory in Constructions of Childhood and Social Order in a Selection of Post-disaster Fictions Elizabeth Braithwaite
pp. 50-57 (PDF)
6. Desiring Perception: Finding Utopian Impulses in Shaun Tan’s ‘The Lost Thing’
Debra Dudek
pp. 58-66 (PDF)
7. News and Notices
pp. 67 (PDF)