Volume 15.1 (2005)

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford
pp. 3-4 (PDF)
2. ‘You Can’t Say No to the Beauty and the Beast’: Shrek and Ideology
Maria Takolander and David McCooey
pp. 5-14 (PDF)
3. Food Poisoning: Surplus and Suffering in Contemporary Children’s Film
Naarah Sawers and Elizabeth Parsons
pp. 15-26 (PDF)
4. E.T. Go Home: Indigeneity, Multiculturalism and ‘Homeland’ in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema
Helen Addison-Smith
pp. 27-35 (PDF) 

5. Seeing and Understanding: Narrative Technique in Berlie Doherty’s ‘Dear Nobody’ John Murray
pp. 36-39 (PDF)
6. Examination, Surveillance and Confession in Victorian and Late 20th Century Texts Diana Hodge
pp. 40-49 (PDF)
7. Of the Postmodernists’ Party without knowing it: Philip Pullman, Hypermorality and Metanarratives
Beppie Keane
pp. 50-58 (PDF) 
8. Situating Childhood: A Reading of Spatiality in Aboriginal Picture Books
Trish Lunt
pp. 59-67 (PDF)
9. News and Notices
pp. 68 (PDF)