Volume 16.2 (2006)

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford and Kerry Mallan
pp. 3-4 (PDF)
2. ‘Cutting It’ in New Times: The Future of Children’s Literature?
Kerry Mallan
pp. 5-16 (PDF)
3. Under the Wire: Detainee Activism in Australian Children’s Literature
Debra Dudek
pp. 17-22 (PDF)
4. Intra-active: The Child/Animal in Children’s SF
Naarah Sawers
pp. 23-28 (PDF)
5. Capitalism Run Wild: Zizou Corder’s ‘Lion Boy’ and Victor Kelleher’s ‘Dog Boy’
Elizabeth Parsons
pp. 29-34 (PDF) 
6. Moonlit Revelations: The Discourse of the End in Gina B. Nahai’s ‘Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith’
Anne Free
pp. 35-39 (PDF)
7. From Eden to Suburbia: Perspectives on the Natural World in Children’s Literature John Stephens
pp. 40-45 (PDF)
8. A Sporting Chance: Class in Markus Zusak’s ‘The Messenger’ and ‘Fighting Ruben Wolfe’ Elizabeth Bullen
pp. 46-50 (PDF)
9. ‘They Don’t Know Us, What We Are’: An Analysis of Two Young Adult Texts with Arab-Western Protagonists
Jo Lampert
pp. 51-57 (PDF)
10. ‘Does My Bomb Look Big in This?’: Representing Muslim Girls in Recent Australian Cultural Texts
Sharyn Pearce
pp. 58-63 (PDF)
11. Defining Magical Realism in Children’s Literature: Voices in Contemporary Fugue, Texts That Speak from the Margins
Yvonne Hammer
pp. 64-70 (PDF)
12. Anime ‘Haibane Renmei’ (Charcoal Feather Federation): An Enclave for the Hurt, Alienated Souls
Mio Bryce
pp. 71-76 (PDF)
13. Stop All the Clocks: Time in Postmodern Picture Books
Cherie Allan
pp. 77-81 (PDF)
14. We Enter a Time of Calamity: Informed and ‘Informated’ Youth Inside and Outside Young Adult Fiction
Natasha Giardina
pp. 82-89 (PDF)
15. An Awfully Big Adventure: Killing Death in War Stories for Children
Alison Halliday
pp. 90-95 (PDF)
16. Great Mind Matures Slowly, But Has No Equal in Its Time: ‘Journey to the West’ as a Genuine Fairytale Novel
Shu Wei
pp. 96-100 (PDF)
17. Influences of Translated Children’s Texts upon Chinese Children’s Literature
Li Li 
pp. 101-106 (PDF)
18. A Chosen Sacrifice: The Doomed Destiny of the Child Messiah in Late Twentieth-century Children’s Fantasy
Radhiah Chowdhury
pp. 107-111 (PDF)
19. Are You Talking to Me?: Hailing the Reader in Indigenous Children’s LiteraturePenelope Davie
pp. 112-117 (PDF)
20. Constituting Christopher: Disability Theory and Mark Haddon’s ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’
Vivienne Muller
pp. 118-125 (PDF)
21. Narrative in Robyn Kahukiwa’s ‘Matatuh’: Culture and Narrative
Jill Holt
pp. 126-131 (PDF)
22. Postcolonial Transformation and Traditional Australian Indigenous Story
Juliet O’Conor
pp. 132-137 (PDF)
23. Cultural Explorations of Time and Space: Indigenous Australian Artists-in Residence, Conventional Narratives and Children’s Text Creation
Margaret Zeegers
pp. 138-144 (PDF)
24. ‘Like Columbine! Viva Columbine!’ Abjection and the Representation of School Violence in Young Adult Fiction
Emma Wortley
pp. 145-149 (PDF) 
25. ‘Advocating and Celebrating the Abomination of Sodomy’: The Cultural Reception of Lesbian and Gay Picturebooks
Lian Beveridge
pp. 150-155 (PDF)
26. ‘Change the Story, Change the World’: Witches/Crones as Heroes in Novels by Terry Pratchett and Diana Wynne Jones
Caroline Webb
pp. 156-161(PDF) 
27. Gender Trouble in Arcadia or a World of Multigendered Possibility?: Intersubjectivity and Gender in ‘The Wind in the Willows’
Anne-Claire Walsh
pp. 162-167 (PDF)
28. Starving Desire: New (Deleuzean) Readings of Anorexia in Australian Young Adult Fiction
Kathryn McInally
pp. 168-172 (PDF) 
29. News and Notices
p. 173 (PDF)