Volume 16.1 (2006)

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford and Kerry Mallan 
pp. 3-4 (PDF)
2. Performativity and the Child Who May Not Be a Child
John Stephens
pp. 5-13 (PDF)
3. Making Magic: (Hetero)sexual (In)visibility in Scandinavian Young Adult Novels Mia MiaFranck and Rebecka Fokin-Holmberg
pp. 14-24 (PDF)
4. Over Her Dead Body: Expelling the Monstrous-feminine in ‘Touching Earth Lightly’ Kathryn James
pp. 25-32 (PDF)
5. Sex Education, Hollywood Style: Gender, Sexuality and Identity in ‘The Girl Next Door’
Sharyn Pearce
pp. 33-40 (PDF)
6. Telling It Like It Is?: Representations of Teenage Fatherhood in Contemporary Western Young Adult Fiction
Michelle Gill
pp. 41-50 (PDF)
7. The Theme of Premature Burial in Garth Nix’s Early Novels
Alice Mills
pp. 51-57 (PDF)
8. News and Notices
p. 58 (PDF)