Volume 17.2 (2007)

1. Editorial
Debra Dudek and Wenche Ommundsen
pp. 3- (PDF)
2. The Hegemony of Western Categorisation and the Underdevelopment of Children’s Literature in ‘Other’ Worlds Duh
Cherng Ming Cherng 
pp. 7- (PDF)
3. In the Same Boat: National Identity and Taiwanese Picture Books
Hui-Ling Huang 
pp. 16- (PDF)
4. Beyond Dualism: Towards Interculturality in Pictorialisations of Miyazawa Kenji’s ‘Snow Crossing’ (Yukiwatari)
Helen Kilpatrick
pp. 26- (PDF)
5. Cross-generational Negotiations: Asian Australian Picture Books
Clare Bradford
pp. 36- (PDF)
6. Embodying a Racialised Multiculturalism: Strategic Essentialism and Lived Hybridities in Hoa Pham’s ‘No One Like Me’
Debra Dudek
pp. 43- (PDF)
7. ‘I Don’t Like Your Kind of People’: Cultural Pluralism in Odo Hirsch’s ‘Have Courage, Hazel Green’
Beverley Pennell
pp. 50- (PDF)
8. Not Quite White (Enough): Intersecting Ethnic and Gendered Identities in ‘Looking for Alibrandi’
Kathryn McInally
pp. 59- (PDF)
9. Children in Detention: Juvenile Authors Recollect Refugee Stories
Sissy Helff
pp. 67- (PDF)
10. Exploring Issues of National Identity, Ideology and Diversity in Contemporary Canadian Picture Books
Ingrid Johnston, Joyce Bainbridge, Farha Shariff
pp. 75- (PDF)
11. News and Notices
pp. 84- (PDF)