Volume 17.1 (2007)

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford and Kerry Mallan
pp. 3- (PDF)
2. Spirits, Miracles and Clauses: Economy, Patriarchy and Childhood in Popular Christmas Texts
Sue Saltmarsh
pp. 5- (PDF)
3. An Insecure Base?: Nerves, Violence and Step-parents in Norwegian Children’s Literature
Anne-Kari Skardhamar
pp. 19- (PDF)
4. (Re)constructing Masculinity: Representations of Men and Masculinity in Australian Young Adult Literature
Troy Potter
pp. 28- (PDF)
5. Pedagogy and Other Unfortunate Events: Cheerful Nihilism in Popular Children’s Books
Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario
pp. 36- (PDF)
6. ‘Biting the Hand That Feeds’: Consumerism, Ideology and Recent Animated Film for Children
Jillian Hinkins
pp. 43- (PDF)
7. ‘If I’ve Arksed Youse Boys Once, I’ve Arksed Youse Boys a Thousand Times!’: Translation Strategies in the German Translation of Phillip Gwynne’s ‘Deadly, Unna?’ Leah Gerber
pp. 51- (PDF)
8.News and Notices
pp. 57- (PDF)