Volume 18.2 (2008)

1. Editorial
Tatjana Schaefer
pp. 5-6 (PDF)
2. Fantasy as Epanalepsis: ‘An Anticipation of Retrospection’
Roderick McGillis
pp. 7- (PDF)
3. ‘Abandoned Boys’ and ‘Pampered Princes’: Fantasy as the Journey to Reality in the Harry Potter Sequence
Caroline Webb
pp. 15(PDF)
4. Fantasy Motif Metaphors: Magical Powers as Exceptionality in Disney’s The Incrediblesand Zizou Corder’s Lion Boy trilogy
Shelley Chappell
pp. 22 (PDF)
5. ‘Do What You Wish Or Wish What You Want?’ Michael Ende’s Fantastica and Rudolf Steiner’s Moral Imagination
Tatjana Schaefer
pp. 28 (PDF)
6. Towards Reclaiming the Colonised Mind: The Liberating Fantasies of Duiker and Ihimaera
Molly Brown
pp. 35 (PDF)
7. Conflicting Ideologies in Three Magical Realist Children’s Novels by Isabel Allende Yvonne Hammer
pp. 41 (PDF)
8. Mise En Abyme and the Ontological Uncertainty of Magical Events in At the Back of the North Wind
Chen-Wei Yu
pp. 48 (PDF)
9. The Real Lies: The Simulacrum in Catherine Fisher’s The Oracle
Anna Free

pp. 54 (PDF)
10. Haunted Histories: Time-slip Narratives in the Antipodes
Claudia Marquis
pp. 58 (PDF)
11. Flights of Fantasy? Or Space-time Compression in Asian-Australian Picture Books Trish Lunt
pp. 65 (PDF)
12. Gossip Girls in a Transmedia World: The Sexual and Technological Anxieties of Integral Reality
Kim Toffoletti
pp. 71 (PDF)
13.Behind the Bum: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Andy Griffiths’ Bum Trilogy
Alice Mills
pp. 78 (PDF)
14.News and Notices
pp. 85 (PDF)