Volume 18.1 (2008)

1. Editorial
Clare Bradford and Kerry Mallan
pp. 3-4 (PDF)
2. ‘A Little Child Shall Lead Them’: Tasmanian and Victorian School Readers and National Growth
Jane McGennisken
pp. 5-12 (PDF)
3. ‘A Great Ghastly Mistake’?: Approaches to Teenage Pregnancy in K. M. Peyton’s Pennington’s Heir and Berlie Doherty’s Dear Nobody 
Madelyn Travis
pp. 13-19 (PDF)
4. ‘You Molded Me Like Clay’: David Almond’s Sexualised Monsters
Naarah Sawers
pp. 20-29 (PDF)
5. Comparative Children’s Literature: What Is There to Compare?
Maria Nikolajeva
pp. 30-40 (PDF)
6. Lying, or Storytelling, as Antidote to Unhappiness in Robin Klein’s Hating Alison Ashley and Anne Fine’s A Pack of Lies and Goggle-eyes
Alice Curry
pp. 41-47 (PDF)
7. Playfulness in Lauren Child’s Picture Books
Suzanne O’Sullivan
pp. 48-54 (PDF)
8. News and Notices
p. 55 (PDF)