Volume 19.1 (2009)

1. ‘There’s a Black Boy Dead and a Migloo Holding a Gun’: Death, Aboriginality and History in Australian Adolescent Literature
Kathryn James 
pp. 5-16 (PDF)
2. Peter, Potter, Rabbits, Robbers
Rose Lovell-Smith
pp. 17-29 (PDF)
3. Roald Dahl’s Reception in America: The Tall Tale, Humour and the Gothic Connection Adrian Schober
pp. 30-39 (PDF)
4. Ghostly Children: The Spectre of Melancholy in Sonya Hartnett’s the ‘Ghost’s Child’ Michelle Preston
pp. 40-50 (PDF) 

5. Word-power: Reading, Writing and Traveling from Story to Story in the ‘Inkheart’ Novels
Babette Puetz
pp. 51-58 (PDF)
6. De-colonising Shakespeare?: Agency and (Masculine) Authority in Gregory Rogers’s the Boy, the Bear, the Baron, the Bard
Erica Hateley
pp. 59-68 (PDF)
7. The Mother with the Button Eyes: An Exploration of the Story Construct of the ‘Other-Mother’ 
Jax Goss
pp. 69-72 (PDF)
8. Call for Papers: Themed Issue, Colonial Children’s Literature
p. 73 (PDF)