Volume 22.1 (2012)

Special issue: Children’s Literature Collections and Archives

1. The Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books: Toronto Public Library’s research collection of juvenile material
Leslie Anne McGrath
pp. 1-19 (PDF)
2. Twentieth century literature and publishing archives: UK research perspectives on children’s literature
Charlotte Berry 
pp. 20-32 (PDF)
3. Colonial girls’ literature and the politics of archives in the digital age
Michelle J. Smith and Kristine Moruzi
pp. 33-42 (PDF)
4. Anthony Arrowroot and Nutty Nutella: Advertising in Children’s Literature
Afsana Khan
pp. 42-55 (PDF)
5. The historical-cultural value of the juvenile collection: The McLaren Collection at the University of Melbourne and its girls’ books
Bronwyn Margaret Lowe
pp. 56-67 (PDF)
6. John Mystery and the Australian book trade
Juliet O’Conor
pp. 68-80 (PDF)
7. Astrid Lindgren and the archives
Helene Ehriander
pp. 81-93 (PDF)
8. A token to the future: A digital ‘archive’ of early Australian children’s literature
Kerry Mallan, Amy Cross and Cherie Allan
pp. 94-108 (PDF)
9. Digital archives and cultural memory: Discovering lost histories in digitised Australian children’s literature 1851-1945
Michelle Dicinoski
pp. 110-120 (PDF) 
10. The Lu Rees Archives of Australian Children’s Literature
Belle Alderman
pp. 120-133 (PDF)
11. Collections of the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media and their public access
Roger Meyer
pp. 133-141 (PDF)
12. Growing up Australian: The national imaginary in school readers
Jane McGennisken
pp. 142-155 (PDF)
13. Books or toys?: A traveller’s tale: Researching early movable books for and by children in material and virtual collections
Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
pp. 156-169 (PDF)