Volume 23.1 (2015)

1. Politics of Postmodern Multiculturalism in Shaun Tan’s The Arrival: Reconfiguring the Subject as a Nomad
Ladislava Khailova
pp. 1-16 [PDF]
2. Affective Strategies, Emotion Schemas, and Empathic Endings: Selkie Girls and a Critical Odyssey
John Stephens
pp. 17-33 [PDF]
3. Parent, Child and State in Chinese Children’s Books
Lijun Bi, Xiangshu Fang and Clare Bradford
pp. 34-52 [PDF]
4. Gay Subversion: Young Men Seeking Safety in Heterotopic Spaces
Peter Mountney
pp. 53-72 [PDF]
5. Productive Anxieties: Lostness in The Arrival and Requiem for a Beast
Erica Hateley
pp. 73-86 [PDF]